Gears POP! Review – Android and iOS

For the first time ever on mobile, see this wonderful combo of joined forces: Gears of War & Funko Pop! This cool united forces will deliver you explosive real-time multiplayer battles. These battles are happening in the Gears universe environment. Here, you can read a complete Gears POP! review. Let’s check out what experience it brings to the players. Starting right away!

Gameplay and features

You have to collect and upgrade a lot of iconic Gears of War heroes & also, the villains (what would any kind of game be without them), each designed with a wonderful Funko Pop! vinyl design. Lead the ultimate squad that you built and lead them to victory in the Arena. An arena is a place where you will compete against other collectors and competitors. They all come from around the world in fast-paced tactical cover-combat! Important thing is that you can play this game even without your network connection on the mobile device (Android or iOS system device) and this game is 100% FREE!

Strive to be the best you can be on iconic Gears battlefields in an amazing real-time PVP assault. More than 30 Gears of War characters are ready for your orders. All the characters have been brought to life from authentic Funko Pop! designs. Your squad depends only on the creativity of your mind because you are the designer here, mixing and matching COG & Locust units like never seen before.

Use your powerful ‘Ultimate’ abilities, these abilities include the devastating Emergence Hole that floods the battlefield with Wretches. Battle against the best players around the world and earn some really cool awards that will help you to progress. Make your mind think strategic way, focus, and make your way to the glory!

Sometimes the best way to make sure you really want to start a game is by watching a gameplay video. Here it is (Gears POP! Launch Trailer) :

See the graphics, features and other essential facts about the game with your own eyes. People really like the game. They have rated it with 4.5 stars on Google Play Store and App Store, so both Android & iOS users are amazed and addicted to it! You may also be the next fan of this game, so don’t wait a second and install it! We wish you success from the very start!

So, this was our Gears POP! review. Be sure that we will keep on providing you with the best information all the time. Whenever your mind strives for the latest gaming & tech info – come here and satisfy your curiosity! A lot of the latest games and their reviews will be here on our website in the following period. Striving to present the game most realistically with the most significant facts about it is our job here. Until our next article – stay tuned! BYE-BYE!

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