Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Review – Become the Commander!

Zombie games can be really interesting because they are full of fighting, action, survival of the best and strongest. If you are a fan of these kinds of games with this kind of horrible creatures, then you will like this game, for sure! Be full of skill, quick and fearless in order to master this new zombie kind of game. Here is our Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival review today with all of the important info in terms of gameplay & its features that you need to know! Let’s go!

Gameplay & features of the game

Check out this youtube gameplay video:

See the graphics and how this game works firsthand. Also, there are many videos that cover all parts of the game, so if some level is too difficult for you – a video solution exists. Okay, now let’s break down all the stuff you’ve seen into textual information that can help you with some questions like:  Is this free? Should I play it? Tell me more about its gameplay & features? How the gameplay actually functions? And similar… Yes, this game is free, available for ios and Android devices. If you love adventures, then there is no doubt that the game was created to delight you and your wishes!

Become the commander of one of the last existing shelters in the new world! All of the survivors need to be brought together and must do the things as one in order to stay alive. Lead them, train them. Assign duties to them all. A lot of jobs can be given to these people. Build and strengthen your base. It must look impregnable. An architect’s strategic mind can lead you to a safe release from zombies, with all your people still alive thanks to you as a true leader.

Big problem: this awful virus spreads around, it’s time to act before it’s too late. Warriors with all their weapons must be always ready. Items and supplies can be found in abandoned warehouses. Use found items in all the battles against hordes of zombies. They also have their leader – some kind of an awful zombie master.

Build and upgrade rooms and do your best in creating the greatest shelter for your survivals. Give the order to the workers because they need to start building right away! The defense must be strong enough, reach it by building a variety of defensive structures. You are the one to make the strongest combination of defenses which will be most effective and helpful!

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival game review ends here.  We honestly hope that you liked it and that the game review was useful & helpful to you all. The best information & the latest at the same time will be provided you at the right time by us. A pretty big number of the latest games and their reviews will be here on our website in the following period. The latest tech info is also included. Want to keep yourself informed? Stay tuned – stay with us! BYE!

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